Sunday, October 21, 2007

You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

One of the best parts of my blog is getting to make up silly and twisty headings for each entry. Sometimes I can come up with more of those than I have posts to go with them! As a Teenager I co-wrote a small novella named "Fletcher's Freak" and had plans to write my next one: Moldy Red Licorice, Or, Loathsome Adventures in an El Camino. I am sure you are sooooo glad I never wrote that second one! At one time I had a small notebook full of upcoming book titles.

Yesterday I saw a new store in midtown Sacramento and I realized a twinge of envy when I saw the sign above the door. This appeared to be an adult/party/lingerie type store, and just GUESS what the name of it is?

Dirty FĂȘte.

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