Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year!!!!

Yes, I still Live and all that. Just been busy working and playing Yoville. It's so addicting havin that little avatar running around everywhere!

Here's a Mackie pic and my latest quilt project!!!

Mackie loved 'his' Christmas Cactus. He ate tons of it, and then promptly puked up a piece of tinsel. I thought it was magic! The magic of Christmas!

Yes, I have two Trees. It's the Ponsonby Way.

It took roughly 4 hours to draft this first block. The old grey brain cells, they aint what they used to be!!!

But then it took only 5 more hours to make ALL of these. I'll keep you posted on this project. I just felt the need for a Christmas Quilt to be done by next year, hopefully!

Look what Santa baby brought me! A Sony Bravia HDTV