Thursday, October 11, 2007

1 Burner Shy of a Full Stovetop

Yeah. I am really dragging my carcass around this morning. Fibromyalgia, as I have learned, likes to sneak up on me and give me a smackdown once in a while. The weather is changing into the wet season, and that affects how I move and think, as well.

Almost first thing in the morning I like to put the kettle on to boil so I can make my pot of tea.

This morning was no different. Except as I entered the kitchen I heard the tick-tick-click-click sound that these old burners make when they are turned on. It almost sounds like a gas stove, but its not. Its the sound of electricity.

And to my horror I discovered that I'd left the large right rear burner on ALL NIGHT LONG!

What's that going to do to my electric bill, I wonder? Worse yet, what does that say about my scrambled brains that I cannot remember when was the last time I cooked anything on that burner!

I suppose I will have to start double-checking this at night to make sure it's really turned off. Unless I could get Obsessive-Compulsive Neighbor to come up and do it for me.


Joy said...

So who's Jeff? Do I need to ask Bobbie all about him? Is he one you have a crush on with loads of muscle and six-pack abs?
Do you have hard lenses or soft lenses?

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Is that one category or two? Just kidding! Jeff has been around for more than 4 years, off and on,a commitmentphobe, and he's older than me...he does have some serious muscles, though! I'm trying to get into hard lenses again but it's rough so far. It may have to be Granny glasses and bifocals if these don't work out. And any guy I see that has abs, glutes, etc; even in a crowd, gets an instant crush=meter from me!

Janet said...

What's even worse is I have left my gas burner on very low for hours and didn't even know it!! Just one more reason for me to stay out of the kitchen!