Thursday, July 19, 2007

Enough is Enough!

Even I couldn't stand looking at myself in an eye patch any longer, and I love my own face! I think it's time for a new blog entry.

After having all my most prized and precious possessions in boxes for over 6 months, I finally decided Enough is Enough and I pulled a few things to put back in my home so it doesn't look quite so stark and un-homey. Used to living with total shabby chic clutter, this sparseness and bleak-walled living has really taken it's toll. I want to be with my things. I need my things.

I was so happy to unwrap this TEPCO milk pitcher. It usually resides in my tea cupboard surrounded by it's fancier and more elegant friends. But somehow it seemed just right to put it with the Hall Pottery Jade Plant, and now every time I walk past it I smile.

Saturday, July 07, 2007

Separated at Birth

It's Me and Number Two, separated at birth!

Here I am without the sleeping patch, why am I smiling?

This hurts worse than anything and I still can't see. It hurts to move my eyeball around. I should have gotten some books on tape or something! I was totally NOT PREPARED for this surgical aftermath. Everyone always told me that cataract surgery is just a piece of cake. I can't see to pour a glass of water because I can't get my left eye and my right eye to work together to do anything. Very weird! The surgical nurse told me it would be like my eyes thought I was riding in a boat, and that's just what it's like.

Friday, July 06, 2007

Love Sweet Love

Well, I don't give a fig for cataract surgery, let me just tell you that right now! A lot of hoopla for nothing. The surgeon did say that what with the fibromyalgia and health issues, I will heal slower than usual and everyone heals differently anyway. I was just expecting the patch to come off and then Bwa-La! But there was NO Bwa-LA! I can't see a thing, my eye throbs like a...hurty throbby thingee, and I look like I've got quite the shiner.
And I didn't even get it in a beer brawl!
A gentleman aquaintance called me to see how my surgery went and after chatting awhile about that subject, he told me some things about his various dates and girlfriends through the ages. He has a very upbeat attitude about romance, and when I asked him how this could be, he replied, "Because Love will Never be Without Me."
You know I thought that was such a sweet sentiment. I thought about it for a moment and then I said, "And Love will not touch me with a ten foot pole and a Latex Glove."

Thursday, July 05, 2007


I had my cataract surgery in my right eye today, and boys and girls, I must say that I was in total denial about how much it was going to hurt and how intense it was going to be. When everyone tells you "Oh, it's not big deal! It's an easy surgery! I could see 5 minutes after the surgery!" they are LYING. Or else they have absolutely NO nerve endings in their eyeballs.

But I had so many people say it was such a piece of cake I skipped blithely to the gallows, all unawares!

Because I felt every single slice, dice, gouge, gash, pulverizing, pummel, punching, pushing, suction, tugging, pinching, squeezing, inserting, implanting, suturing, sewing and taping.