Thursday, April 02, 2009

Spring has sprung!

I know I haven't done a post in months! I've been so dull!

But this morning the sun was shining, the air was cool and crisp, everything was green and growing and I just had to have some marigolds.

Do you love marigolds? So many people don't like the smell. To me it is heavenly. I like the great big giant yellow ones and the little lemon drop ones, too. I'm more fond of the yellows than the oranges, but in the autumn I think there is nothing like a pot of orange/brown marigolds sitting next to some pumpkins at some country roadside fruit stand.

However, that's for LATER in the year! Right now it's spring and it's time for lemony yellow and a new puzzle and the sun streaming in the windows.

Happy Spring everybody!

(And to those of you in the Midwest where spring doesn't arrive until June 30th followed by 4 weeks of blistering heat and swampy humidity followed by 3 glorious weeks of autumn abruptly cut off by the onslaught of 10 months of winter, well...just enjoy the photo!)