Saturday, October 20, 2007

To My Cousin Happy Breakfast Wilkerson:

Here it is! This is the bear I rescued from your abusive clutches when you were a mere 3 years old. You had left him, unfed, unkempt and face down in a mud puddle, too exhausted from many maulings to be able to hoist himself out of there and save his own life.

I gave him a new home and here he is, 20 some years later, happy, content, chubby and clean, the way a stuffed bear should be!

So far you've done a good job raising your human son, but if you take one wrong step, YOU'LL NEVER SEE THIS BEAR ALIVE AGAIN!


Heidi said...

I found you through Pioneer Woman's site, and I must agree with you! Emma is one of the best Toni Collette movies ever made. . . seriously!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Okay!! Good rescue!! Thanks for dropping quilt is just from JC Penneys!! But I posted the bed to make my point of Practical!! My bed is very practical...Sandy

Joy said...

Hmmmm.... I don't remember this bear! I dont' think it was mine. You can't hold it for ransom if it's not mine! This made me laugh. I suppose I have issues I need to see a psychiatrist about because I did not form an emotional bond with my teddy bear, leaving it alone to wallow in mud puddles as a child. And now that I'm older I don't even remember the bear! Thank you for saving it.
However, if it comes up for ransom, Skeeter Jean may have to loan the $$. Otherwise you'll just have to kill it.
Loved the story about "Bear Louise" and the "O"! Made me laugh!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Ohhh yes this was your bear! Skeeter was a witness to the whole crime and she is the one who told me to go ahead and take it, you'd never know the difference! And she was RIGHT!!!! Scoundrel that you are, I thought you'd cry a river when you spotted your old friend still alive after missing in action all these years!