Monday, October 08, 2007

Spawn's Day Out

Hi! This is Spawn! I snuck over here to pester the neighbor lady for snacks while my Mom was hogging the laundry room. I heard the Neighbor lady talking on that little back gizmo she holds to her ear that the Mom of Spawn used the laundry all day long yesterday and it was heaped with wet towels and piles and piles of dirty laundry. I wanted to tell the neighbor lady that she should try living in that mess! I have to and I don't like it. Oh, sure, the piles of clothes are nice for napping, but all those damp towels? I don't like them one bit!

This neighbor lady runs a much nicer facility. I'd like to move on over here but that neutered Male Mackie hisses at me every time I come near. I ignore him because Mom of Mackie always gives me some serious snacks and pets when she sees me. She tells me I'm handsome and portly and soft and furry, just the way a cat should be! I love all this praise but I love the snacks more.

I can tell this Mom of Mackie is one of those humans who gets a lot of pleasure out of fussing over us Superior Beings, so I make sure I let her fuss over me at least daily.

Today, however, was an extra bonus day! My Mom let me outside and she never cares where I go so I padded over to the neighbor ladies house and stood outside her screen door and jingled my collar bell. Usually this makes her come running with a handful of kibble and lots of warm words and soft strokes. Today, she was puttering around somewhere in the back, so I just came right on inside. Hey, she left the door open a crack, what else is a self-respecting curious cat to do? I had to explore; it's my God Given Right and besides, it's coded into my DNA. And I could smell the food: the wet kind.

So I just mosied on in and helped myself. I saw some toys laying on the floor, and one in particular was grabbing my attention because it smelled like the kitty-weed that makes me so giddy and light hearted when I roll in it. So I batted that around for a while and had a lot of fun. I had just sat down to have a light bath when the neighbor lady came out of her sleeping room and saw me and squealed just like an edible rodent! Apparently she was surpised to see me. I'll have to come over here more often when the door is open and surprise her, just to get more of that kind of fussing!

She did put me right out, though, and I can't figure out why! At least she was nice about it. She was telling me that she had on black! I'm wearing BLACK! she said. I took this as an indication to deposit a lot more hair than normal onto her pelt, since my hair is white and she was being so obsessive over the black. I like to be obliging.

Well, she took off and I'm alone now outside the door. I guess I'll wait for another day to come visiting, but for now I'm going to go roll in the dirt, looking cute, so that I can entice somebody else to give me a handout!

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