Sunday, October 14, 2007

Strange Bedfellows

Years ago I noticed a correlation between sleeping with my head to the wall and migraines. I am a restless sleeper and I 'travel' in my sleep, so after a night's sleep I end up with my neck wedged up against the wall at a horrid angle. So I don't do that anymore!

Instead, I sleep at the foot of the bed. It looks odd, but it's just me so nobody is complaining. This leads to some unusual bedroom arrangements, though, because the 'normal' options of a nice centered bed in the middle of the wall is not really necessary for me.

For the most part, I just put the bed on a diagonal. I like that a lot. However, now that it's coming on cold it's time to move the bed from the outside corner into the middle of the room. Because I won't have any heat this winter (wish me luck on that poverty decision! Ugh!) I'm relying on down comforters, a hot-oil electric radiator and an inside wall for insulation.

I worked on this all morning long. I had to take the Swifter to the ceiling and corners because of the cobwebs. (What is a cob, anyway? Has anyone ever seen a cob?) I had to dust everything and clean the mirrors. I had to shove and pull and prod and push the furniture around in order to get it where I wanted it to go and then I had to vacuum where everything was before and once it was placed I had to vacuum the newly exposed places. I actually took the edger and did all the corners and wall edges!

Even though I put up with plenty of noise from Night Terror Neighbor and OCD Door Slammer Neighbor, I see no reason to be a nuisance, so I waited until the advanced hour of 9:00 am to start the vacuuming. Hey, I've been up since 4:30 so they should consider they got a bargain!

I had the idea to put the bed up against the mirrored closet doors this time; something I've never done before. It is far enough from the wall to be able to have easy access to the closet (I don't use that end of it anyway, so it's fine) with room to put my night stand and lamp.

I really like the results. Too bad I didn't think to take a 'before' picture and too bad my bedroom is hard to photograph in a way that makes it a candidate for Archeological Digest/Country California Living magazines.

After a few days of recovering from all this expended energy, I am going to tear into the living room and do some serious vacuuming in there as well. I had a guest the other day who wore black and I was mortified to discover that when she left her outfit had converted mysteriously into herringbone salt and pepper grey. That damn cat hair!


Janet said... were busy! I like the idea of the bed not being shoved up against the wall although with my habit of reading in bed I might have problems keeping the pillows in place! I can completely sympathize with you about the cat hair! It seems to be everywhere around here!!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Yeah, reading in bed is a little problematic. But I have a ton of bolster-like pillows and I just pile those up. Also...I try not to read in bed because Dr.Christianne Northrup says to take more than 30 minutes to do NOTHING before bed and that helps with insomnia.