Monday, October 22, 2007

Global Warming and the Cold Water Heater

Here's a science fiction thought for you all! As I was taking my shower this morning I was reflecting on how wonderful this old building has been for always supplying me with a plentiful supply of hot water. Honestly, the water is TOO hot, and I have to be careful to turn the hot tap on just a little bit and the cold water tap more. Otherwise I could get scalded.

So I was thinking, what if this global warming really starts to kick in? Someone needs to invent a Cold Water Heater, because there would no longer be cold water just dormant in the pipes, etc; All water would be hot water, and you'd need some kind of refrigerant in place of the hot water heaters for everyone.

Of course by that time we'd have all starved to death from the drought and the fact that the crops had all boiled up when they watered them with hot water.

But as my Landlord told me this morning, "If it starts to be plagues and pestilance and boiling seas, with frogs raining from the sky, we could all run out with a big napsack and gather up the frogs and say, "mmm! Frogs Legs!" "

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