Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Red Shoes, Baby!

Yes, it's autumn and that means many wonderful things: pumpkin's and candy corn and burning leaves and bittersweet bouquets. It also means saying goodbye to the beloved shoes of summer.
Specifically, these Red LizFlex sandals.

They are getting a little faded on the tops where the sun hits. They are getting a little scruffy around the toe, and a little scuffed along the heel. But they are beloved shoes and it's my guess I'll pack them carefully away and wear them again next season.

But why? Because they are RED. Red shoes. Sure they are popular and lots of chicks think they invented the coolness of red shoes. But let's just take a walk down memory lane, shall we?

It starts before the Dawn of time, back in the early 90's:

You'll have to look past the gawd-awful Big Hair and the RED BOW advertising myself as some kind of Minnie Mouse/Madonna hybrid...and you'll notice that the delicately crossed ankles are the supports of a pair of red shoes.

Now lets go further back, practically before recorded history or language: To the 80's. Once again you will see me, this time in some servicable, church-wearing pumps. And they are RED:

And back again to the 70's...red shoes and white bobby sox, not your best choice but still, those Red Shoes had to be worn!

Apparently there were no photos taken of my feet in the 60's. Head Shots abound but not too many showing footwear. But don't worry, we can still continue our journey back into Red Shoe History: The 50's. Look closely and you will see that these feet are made for walkin' and they're wearing Red Shoes. If you look closely you can see that they are no doubt the famous Red Ball Jets! The original Nike! The precursor to the Jogging Shoe! Running, Jumping, Flying Red Ball Jets! And I had them in RED:

And again: Earlier Year, different shoes, but still RED:

All the way back to my 3 year old Cowgirl Days:

Looking at those lace-up red leather shoes, I want them! I want them bad. So it it any wonder that as I was looking at my cousin's blog this morning and saw the pic of her sister wearing these Red Shoes that I had to have them?

Gimmee Them Shoes, Leroy! Their MINE!

That's it for my Feet in Red Shoes History, and I guess I'll close with the lyrics to a famous southern song from O Brother Where Art Thou?

She's Long Gone with her RED SHOES on

Better find another lovin' baby!

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PEA said...

Wow, you really did have red shoes from the time you were a little one...that is so cool! lol Loved seeing all the pictures...big hair with the red bow, gotta love that too! hehe xoxo