Tuesday, October 30, 2007

The Tall Tale

Ah, work! The Joy of Work! The Joy of a client who is a touch...touched. Yesterday was my day for Driving Miss Kitty and off we went for the groceries. She toddles inside and I bring in the grocery bags, two at a time for as long as it takes.

As we were walking in together she said, "I met John's new girlfriend yesterday. She's really tall. No, I mean REALLY, really tall. I've ever seen anyone that tall before. She was really tall. No, I mean really. Really tall. Have you ever seen anyone that tall?"

We chatted on for a while until I thought we had exhausted the ins and outs of just how TALL she was. I thought I'd go back outside for the first batch of groceries, figuring that by the time I got back she would have forgotten. Alas, as I came in the front door she ambushed me at the kitchen door and picked up right where she had left off:

"I'm not kidding. She was really TALL. I mean, really, really tall! I've never seen anyone so tall. She was REALLY tall."

"She sounds really tall, Miss Kitty" I said. And dove back into the driveway for some more bags.

"I'm not kidding. John's girlfriend is REALLY tall. I mean, Really, REALLY Tall. Have you ever seen anyone that tall? I've never seen anyone that tall."

Two more trips from the car, and two more rounds of "Really, really Tall."

I had hoped that this Tall Tale would have died down by the time I brought all the groceries in, but it went on the entire time I put things away and folded up the bags for storage. I finally said, "Well, How tall WAS she?"

Miss Kitty, 5'2", placed her hand in the middle of her chest and said, "She came up to about here on me."

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Anonymous said...

Oh my.

That is REALLY tall. Taller than Mackie, even.


Queen Q