Friday, May 27, 2011

Summer Vacation Long Long Time Ago!

Apparently, if you don't log into your blog for a while they consider that to be suspicious activity?

What if that translated into REAL LIFE? That means I should be expecting the "Clean Your House Dammit" Police to show up at my door and arrest me for breaking the inactivity laws at any moment now.

Because this apartment? Has not seen the right side of a broom, mop, dust rag, swifter, vacuum, or feather duster since the New Year.

Anyway, I was alerted that my blog was gone, and now I think I've fixed it. I had my spam filters all wrong and Lo! and Behold! I had lots of Viagra and Sex for Kittens and Lawdy Lawdy who knows what all in my comments that I had to go through and delete as Spam.
Since Father's Day is coming up in the next month, I thought I'd post a pic of me and my dad, poking around the tide pools in Maine on one of those gloriously long, lazy summer vacations that we would take.

Miss him! Miss those bygone days, too. Not that they were perfect--far from it--but that the spirits ran high and I was so connected with the Quest!

The Quest for Whatever!