Sunday, September 17, 2006

When in doubt....BRAG!

Since my brain just goes blank the moment I get ready to post, which I found seems to be a function of blogging but still annoys me, nonetheless, I decided to do a 'filler' of some of my quilts. See! I love to make the old original 'granny' styles even though those are not as 'popular' as the new modern graphic type quilts. And yes, Someday I am going to make a Sun Bonnet Sue! ** **Everyone HATES Sunbonnet Sue!

Here is a Civil War 4-patch quilt I made for my oldest brother (Using all Civil War Reproduction fabrics) , modeled by Attila.

Baby quilt for cousin Jodie, who wanted reds and flannels.

I always wanted a poison green and cheddar quilt. The center was from a class on the Rose of Sharon applique and the blocks were worked on over the summers at Civil War reenactment events.

This was so big I had to take it to a friends house to lay it out and pin baste it! It was peach and mint 'barn door' blocks made for my aunt after her house burned down.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Very clever! I haven't the patience to do quilting but I do love seeing what other people can do. Both my daughters took quilting classes and make some lovely things.

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Ahh! Does it take patience to eat a banana split? NO! Does it take patience to make a quilt? NO!!!! Patience is what you need when you are waiting in the dentists office. But when you quilt, there is no patience required. It is a labor of love and a joy from beginning to end. The point of quilting is, if it took patience, NOBODY would ever make a quilt! Possibly you just THINK it requires patience because you think it is a very long process to make one. But actually, it's just one joyous piece at a time.

PEA said...

Oooh what beautiful quilts...I so admire anyone who can quilt! It's something I've never learned to do but my husband's mom and sisters used to quilt all the time and I was always in awe of their work. I love it when people make a quilt using pieces of clothes, tablecloths, etc., from family members...I always thought what a wonderful heirloom that would be! Hugs xoxo