Friday, September 29, 2006

Butt Ugly to Me

Being a fan of all things tea, the way I am, I was completely smitten the first time I heard the words, "Jewel Tea". Someone was describing how their mother collected Jewel Tea dishes and I couldn't wait to get my eyes on some.

Imagine my disgust, revulsion and loathing when I saw my first piece of Hall's Autumn Leaf Jewel Tea china. It was the very same stuff that the Amish women went mad for at auctions and garage sales. And we all know that however 'quaint' and 'charming' we English view the Amish, they have the worlds' worst taste when it comes to home decor and the color wheel.

This morning I was looking for a pretty Autumn Leaf scene for my desktop background and of course my search turned up loads of Jewel Tea items instead. Here, for the sake of the dream of what could have been

(Imagine! Jewel Tea should look like Sheherizade herself would pour tea with it)


Janet said...

I guess this doesn't hold true anymore... "There are no ugly teapots, teacups, linens, aprons or cream and sugar sets."

Sorry, I couldn't resist that! I'm just kidding with you. I have to agree, that anything with the name Jewel in it should be absolutely gorgeous. I remember these cups and saucers. Someone I knew must have had them at one time. But I must agree, they aren't very inspiring!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Busted! I'm Busted! I eat my words! I drink them from a Jewel Tea Cup, gagging all the way! Well, I am not surprised that you know someone who had some Jewel Tea pieces, as they were the Hot Ticket for many people for a lot of years. Farm wives adored them, the Amish, as I said, were wild about them, and they are still mighty collectible! Just run a search on Jewel Tea on ebay and get ready for over a thousand entries. (usually).

I stand chagrined! Chastened! AND amended, as I can't help but think they are BUTT UGLY.

Puss-in-Boots said...

They look like the old-fashioned railway cups and saucers, boring and chunky, that you used to get at a train stop years and years ago! Except the railway china was even more boring, at least the Jewel Tea does have a design of sorts.

PEA said...

Well they are kind of...ummmm....errrrr...ummmm...ok they are butt ugly! lol They may be collectibles but I don't think I'd use them on a daily basis! Like you said, with a name like Jewel in it, you'd expect something much prettier in design!!

Janet said...

I'm glad you weren't offended by my comment! I meant it all in fun and just couldn't resist.