Monday, September 25, 2006

Fall Cleaning

I was in the mood to rearrange the furniture and vacuum the corners again. I couldn't take the dust any longer. yes, once every six months IS long enough to go without dusting. So the little bedroom now looks like this:

What I'd like to know is why all of a sudden I have inherited my Mom's Red Neck Syndrome!? Isn't it enough to be cursed with a fat neck, now I have to have a Beacon Red Color added to it?

Enjoy that sofa napping business while you can, Mackie Manns, because that sofa is going to the Salvation Army as of tomorrow!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Your beautiful Mackie. It looks as if you have been busy with a paint brush and given him those lovely markings and a raccoon tail! lol.

You dust quite frequently don't you. Mine's lucky to be done once a year! Such a grot I am...

PEA said...

Oooh how I love all your furniture in that bedroom!! Love the picture, especially the one you're in...I love putting a face to a name:-) You're very lovely and your neck is NOT red! lol Hugs xox