Saturday, September 23, 2006, I mean Broccoli Quiche

A spinach quiche by any other name still tastes as sweet, and doesn't kill you with e.coli either!

An artfully decorated workspace is the first step... (Note the Chinese Rice Serving Spoons, my favorite kitchen stirring/serving/scraping implement!)

Why not use brocolli, I thought? So much safer than spinach at the moment. And...what's that? I do believe it is Queen Q's Pie Crust! (Er, sort of. I suffer from bad Pie Gene.)

Eat your heart out, Rachel Ray. I didn't have to scream at anybody, drink a fifth of whiskey nor wave my hands in the air like a Voodoo Ape in order to make this.

A quiche of beauty is a joy forever.


PEA said...

Yummmm it certainly does look delicious and now my tummy is grumbling! I love any type of quiche and using broccoli instead of spinach is a great idea! I often make a cheese and ham quiche...that's my youngest son's favourite:-) Hugs xox

Puss-in-Boots said...

Yum, quiche. I'm making one to take to my meditation group tomorrow, but I'll make it with zucchini. That's because I've already eaten the broccoli and spinach, lol.

Janet said...

Looks absolutely delicious. Broccoli is one of my favorites as is spinach. I sure hope they get this e. coli thing taken care of soon.