Saturday, September 09, 2006

Apple Festival

My home town, in Northern Indiana, has an annual harvest celebration called "The Apple Festival" It is a wonderful autumnal romp through pumpkin patches, straw-bale mazes, corn-shock and scarecrow decorated lawns. Nobody celebrates harvest time like Hoosiers, I always say!

Each year, the storefronts hold a competition for best decorated window display. My mom Aces it every year! Are you kidding me? With 8 siblings all avid collectors of antiques and vintage items, it's like she's got a Privately Funded Personal Museum from whence to draw her inventory.

Last year, she did a very 'pretty' window. As opposed to 'antiquey' and she didn't win. She was actually RELIEVED that she didn't win, because that is the kind of Ace Grand Sport she is. That's how we were all taught to be! Glad when you lose! Whew! Someone else got a chance to shine! I see that as a wonderful gift to have been given, and am always sad when I never see it manifested in sports stars who make millions per year. Sore losers and Nasty Competitors, the lot of them.

Anyway, once again it is time for the Apple Festival Window Planning committee to come up with ideas, and the emails are flying back and forth, "I"ve got an old pump and a giant crockery bowl..we could fill it with apples..."

I suggested a clothesline strung guessed it.... APRONS! Wouldn't that be neat?

Here are some pictures from last years "Happy to Take Second Place" Entry:

Aunt Frosty's Amethyst Glass.

Mom owns the Worlds Largest Collection of Green Depression ware. Isn't it pretty with pink?

And each table was accompanied by an incredible hand-made quilt. Mom did the apple blossom quilt in green and pink; Aunt Frosty did the purple-lilac one.

(Arrgh! Blogger is Balking again and won't let me load the quilt photos! Stay tuned for later!)

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Puss-in-Boots said...

I love the amethyst glass. What clever people you have in your family.

Festivals are wonderful ways to give thanks and to show others the wonders of life. Hope you can load the photos of the quilts.

Have fun