Thursday, September 21, 2006

49 and 11/12ths

I’ve been complaining lately about my upcoming birthday and apparently that led some of my friends to think I was balky about turning fifty. Not at all! I’ve wanted to be 50 since I turned 21! I have always thought it was a marvelous age to be! Halfway to a hundred! And ready for a Renaissance!

Unfortunately, I knew I’d have to get through my 40’s first, and that has been a really daunting task.

The reason I’m so bummed is that I am one month away from the Big Day and I’m so far away from being ‘Fab and Fifty’ that I have a real sense of failure about my lack of achievements. I really had planned on being skinny, good looking and rich by now so I could turn 50 with a sense of having ‘arrived.’

I don’t mean like I’m suddenly living in a penthouse in New York, not that kind of ‘arrived’. I mean, arriving on the doorstep of my 50’s with my appropriate luggage packed and eager to step across the threshold.

Instead, it’s going to be me, ruffed up and bloody, being kicked to the curb out of a long dark car in the murky twilight hours, and rolling up to the doorstep in a heap after having run afoul of the Life Lesson Gang for the last 49 and 11/12ths years.


Janet said...

I just turned 63 today! I always thought when I turned 50 I would have one of those big, blow-out kind of parties where all my friends and family showed up. Well, they are spread all across the US and the party never happened. I just kind of slid into my 50's and now into my 60's and I'm still waiting for that fantastic party that will help me validate myself. Sounds kind of silly!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

It doesn't sound silly, actually, I kind of know what you mean! Like, it should be like Oprah's 50 Bash and really put an Exclamation Point to life so far! But it's not really like that...Happy Birthday, by the way! You look MAHVELOUS!!!

PEA said...

Soooo...I shouldn't say that you'll soon be half a century old??? lol Just teasing! I'll be there next year! Ack! I think we all wish we could reach a certain age by looking and being a certain way but I think our expectations are always a bit too much! We may not be slim, rich and beautiful but let's face it, we still know how to party:-) Hugs xox

Puss-in-Boots said...

Actually, I found turning 30 very traumatic. Since then, the other decades have been a breeze. My 60th was a good one. My daughters had planned a family picnic (so they said) and I was really looking forward to see all the grandkids. Well, they lied (just a little), because they had been on the phone and "The Gang" also turned up, along with champagne. A great day was had by all!

Remember, we all want to know what you go up to on your 50th. Something really outrageous please!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Oh, I promise to keep you posted but so far it just looks like I'm going to fall face down in a puddle of pink champagne!