Saturday, September 02, 2006

Pretty Purses!

Yesterday was the Greek Festival opening day! I was there sharp and shiny at eleven when it opened. I managed to get a couple of pictures and drink a Greek Coffee before I noticed that my breakfast was about to interfere with my lunch. I had to race to find a bathroom, only to find it was locked up tight with one of those metal garage doors! So I had to come HOME! And there was a TRAIN on the Tracks! Believe me, I was quite distraught and unhappy.

I may try to go again tomorrow, but in the meantime, these wonderfully displayed purses are all I have to show for my Greek Festival Adventure. And they aren't even GREEK! However, they were displayed so beautifully and in a color coordinated manner designed to uplift my heart and make the casual browser salivate to buy!

And then of course we have Mackie dangerously close to my iced tea and hogging the footstool /coffee table/trunk.

He's so cute!


Puss-in-Boots said...

Dear Mackie, he is such a cutie.

We have a Greek festival here too, called Paniyiri and I go just to pig out on the food!! Yum.

I hope your tummy felt better once you got home. Pity you had to miss the festival.

Take care of yourself.

PEA said...

I've never been to a Greek Festival although we do get them here...I don't care for the food so I guess that's why I don't go! The purses are gorgeous but what a shame your day was ruined by not feeling well..hope you're much better now!! Hugs xoxo