Thursday, July 06, 2006

Where the China's Are Part Deux

(Song to the tune of "Where The Boys Are!")

Blogger took umbrage at my placing Quite so many pictures all in one post, so I've had to split my china-arrangement configuration into two posts.

Where was I? Oh, Right.

The Cream pitchers that have no Sugars to go with them are interspersed throughout the bookcase. If you look carefully you can see them Here:

And Here:

Which left PLENTY of room for these two new beauties that I found at the Thrift Store yesterday when I went there for quite another reason entirely.

The cream colored cup and saucer is a Homer Laughlin and was a mere $2.99! But the Real Find of the Day was this Black Chintz Japan cup and Saucer for $1.99. I was blissfully gleeful when I spotted it and glommed onto it before any HOARDERS saw it.

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Anonymous said...

ooooh, black. oh-so-sharp.