Thursday, July 13, 2006

Pillow Tubing

This is the pillow tubing which is todays UFO. (unfinished object in quilter's lingo). I really am not an embroidery person. Ask anyone! I am biologically missing the DNA strand that allows me to do the buttonhole stitch or the daisy chain. I UNBUTTON. It has something to do with being left handed because I UNKNIT, too. However, I usually get family to finish things for me, like in the case of the dear wee kitchen linen that I had my Auntie Roo embroider for me and then I surrounded it with quilt blocks. I love the marriage between quilting and old embroidered linens. Alas, no picture exists of that item and it seems to have dissapeared into the ozone with my crotchet hooks and embroidery floss. Whither, whither shall I find it?


Puss-in-Boots said...

I have seen my "leftie" friends knit and I feel like grabbing their knitting and doing it "properly" However, kack-handed you knitters may be, you turn out some beautiful garments. In fact, just as good as

It's just as well to go out and buy some new floss, much better than getting frustrated because you can't find the stuff you just know you have - somewhere.

Happy shopping :-)

Flossy said...

Aaaargh - nothing more frustrating than knowing you have something, but not being able to remember in what "safe" place you have put it. I get that alot! Consequently I have so much stuff now, I can't find anything anymore LOL

weirdbunny said...

I just love to my those embroidery linens in charity/thrift stores.