Tuesday, July 11, 2006

A Pirate's Life for me! Yo Ho!

Well, I did go see Dead Man's Chest yesterday and I liked it EVEN BETTER than the first Pirates of the Caribbean and that's saying a LOT because I ADORED the first one, and walked around for weeks saying, "Parlay!" and "Savvy?" This sequel has lots of special effects that were so scary I had to hide my eyes, and lots of character tension which kept me riveted, as well as surprise visits from people you didn't expect to see again in this movie! And AMAZING new characters that you HOPE to see in the next one. The Pirate Theme Music was NOT overused in the movie and it WAS used in ALL the right places.

And costume? Don't get me started. They are as near to perfection as costumes can get in an almost-female-less movie, full of grunge and grime and amazing little piratey details worth salivating over.

I took along my trusty Railroad Issue Ear Plugs because movies are ALWAYS too darn loud for my ears and earplugs will deaden things down to a decent decibel level for me. I reccomend that you catch this flick in an actual THEATER rather than waiting for it to come on DVD. It's WORTH the buukuu bucks to see it on the Big Screen in all it's glory.
If you can't be a Pirate you should be a Filthy Reb. I made the quilt, by the way, that this young Confederate is wearing as his bedroll.

Other than that, here are some chicken pics from my bathroom. I keep the chicken's confined to the bathroom otherwise there would be chickens everywhere, vying for space amongst Tea things, rabbits, and Wade Red Rose Tea Figurines.
A while back I lost one of my favorite jade earrings at Trader Joes. The man at the Lost and Found said they pressure wash their parking lot daily, so I think my earring must now sleep with the fishes. The pirate fishes.
So, I hung the remaining one on this bit of white Royal Doulton so that I can look at it once in a while and dream of better earring days of Yore!


Flossy said...

Hello, I can't quite remember how I found you, but I like your blog! I'm with you on the Pirates - loooved it :) And as my favourite colour is pink, I hope we shall become firm blogging friends...

ms*robyn said...

I found you through Flossy - I just saw the movie as well - I liked it too, but I would like anything that gorgeous Johnny Depp is in! what a honey :)

Anonymous said...

ooh, I was going to say that our young drummer friend Andrew (the Matt Damon look alike) took one look at that quilt and completely flipped out. He couldn't stop raving about it for days.
So that's kind of cool :)
We saw PotC last night (10:15 showing - ugh), and thought it such fun! Super fun!
My private opinion is that Jack Sparrow and Elizabeth Swann are brother and sister, and their father is Captain Barbossa.
Talk to you later!