Friday, July 28, 2006

Eeeek! A Mess!

Sometimes I amaze myself with my audacity. It seems I don't know how to NOT do something. Like the time I told my aunt I could cut my cousin's hair into a shag! Ha! TOTAL disaster! Or convinced my other cousin I could pierce her ears with a potato slice and a sterilized needle. Or like this morning when I marched into my old work place and asked for my job back. Of course that didn't turn out so badly! Not only did they greet me with open arms they gave me a client starting tomorrow! That was sheer amazement, as I expected to be told they had no need for caregivers at this time.

OR, like my attempt to make Paste Paper, having only made it once before in the dim recesses of my pre-stroke memory. I wasn't sure of the proportions for the cellulose paste, and not only did I cook it and bile it down forever, I DOUBLED the amount of powder just to make sure. The results: a gelatinous muck with the near-solid texture of cheesecake, instead of the thick syrup gel medium right for mixing paints.
Which mean it just glomped onto the paper and smeared but would not spread, and also resisted any attempt to run a texture through it with my handy-dandy Afro-Pic Comb. On the table is a gorgeous box I made many years ago with the last batch of paste paper I made, so I KNOW I can do it! I shall let these dry, and layer them later with more colors once I've made the proper consistency of paste. Now that I'm back to work, will I have time for it? I hope so.


Puss-in-Boots said...

Ah hah! The power of positive thinking in full force. Hey, good for you. I hope you still find time to blog, I love reading yours. Good luck with the job :-)

PEA said...

Congrats on getting your job back:-) Don't you hate it when you try to remember how to do something but just can't get it right...I'm sure it will come to you though! lol