Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Divine Revelation!

Ah! After many tribulations I changed my blog template to something a little more pink. Not really more pink, just a lot less 'parchmenty' looking. Blogspot really doesn't offer a lot of templates for the feminine. Most of them seem designed for people who worship at the alter of Ikea.

Anyway, when you start messing around with templates, you wipe out all your links and customizations so there is no going back! And then it really isn't FULLY customizable by a long shot. For instance I can't change my background color, or the box in which my title is set, or even mess much with the profile image. Still...I like white! It makes a heavenly eye popper against which to set nice pictures like this:

I know, I know, you cannot actually SEE how cool this quilt is, but I snapped pictures with and without the flash, and they were exactly the same in tone and depth. It's the morning light, pouring in my windows. You need overcast gloom to bring out the richness in photographs and film, I think. But I never tire of looking at this quilt. It was made on a whim one weekend, using up a bit of old paisley chintz I had which reminded me of Parisian Cafe curtains, wafting in the breeze of Montmartre.

Last night I had a most revelatory dream! In my dream, an Angel of the Lord came to me and said that since the word Varmint! had just as many letters as the world Asshole! I could start using the word Varmint! instead, as it would be an equal exchange. And much less offensive to tender ears.

Well, REALLY! This is the Divine Intervention I've been hoping for all these years? An equal Word Exchange? Where are those Winning Lottery Numbers, I'd like to know. Why clean up my vocabulary when, with the right amount of cash, I could clean up the WORLD! I could purchase every old teapot and give it a good home! No more orphan cream pitchers! Junk Houses on their last legs could be remodeled and refurbished and featured in Home-Makeover Pictorials!

But who am I to question Providence? Varmint, it is.


Flossy said...

I agree with you on the whole template thing - nothing remotely pretty from Blogger! I did a search and found my template and lickily, had no problems with it...

I do like the word varmint - quite descriptive and a little more ladylike *grin*

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

*tee hee!* I had a chance to call someone a varmint,today, and I DID feel more ladylike when I muttered it under my breath, I assure you!!!

ms*robyn said...

ooh I will be using varmint alot! I play with my template lots - the only thing I can't seem to change is the middle part where I do my writing - it stays as old paper - but that's ok, it looks like it has been around forever. I thought of changing to another blogging site but it was all too hard - better the devil you know ;)

Anonymous said...

I love it.
So ladylike. Yet sassy. Like Granny from the Beverly Hillbillies!
Erin from Iowa

Puss-in-Boots said...

Hello Miss Pink, I've mooched over from Flossy's where she told me of your blog. Love varmint! A friend of mine years ago use to prefer using exclamations, etc from Shakespeare or olde English. You know, like "egads, you rotter, you'll pay for this!" Quite different and very funny at times, too.