Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Flower Power

I want to take a moment to THANK and WELCOME all the neat women visiting this site from New South Wales in Australia and I think New Zealand as well. It is just SO exciting! I actually read EACH OF YOUR BLOGS every day if you've left me a comment, even though I cannot always comment on yours! Not becuase I don't have time, because I DO have time, but because for some reason I cannot reach the comment box, the page never loads.

This morning I am in search of toothpaste and Dove soap, and that's my official story and I'm sticking to it. If the store where I will purchase these things happens to be miles away and RIGHT NEXT to the crafter/stamper/scrapper store...well, that's beyond my control, right?
I am looking for the punch that makes this flower shape and some rhinestones to match:

Some of you will be familiar with the story of how the Siamese Cat got the kink in it's tail. The *tail* is told that the Emperor of Siam was being poisoned and slowly was dying. No one knew how the poison was being administered until the Royal Siamese Cat came and slept by the bed of the Emperor with his tail curled around the Imperial Tea Cup. This loyal and intelligent kitty stayed in this position night after night, foiling the evil plans of the would-be murderer, and saving his Emperor's life. Since that time, Siamese have been considered Sacred Temple cats, and they all have that odd little kink in the bone of their tails!

Dear Mackie, bar sinister kitten of a registered Seal Point and a very flirtatious and charming Alley Tiger Cat, demonstrates his Royal Blood.


PEA said...

Lol what a neat thing to see his tail almost wrapped around the little planter!! I hadn't heard that story about the Siamese cat but now it all makes sense:-) Beautiful pictures of Mackie!!!

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Thank you! I think he is a natural born ham! He LOVES the attention when I turn the lens on him!

Anonymous said...

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