Wednesday, April 19, 2006

what ails me

Is anybody sick of hearing about the avian bird flu yet? I promise I'll quit it! But I did want to mention that I've been 4 days now with the most severe dizzy spells of my life. The last I heard, the bird flu had not jumped into humans yet and was still just killing chickens and the odd Cornish Hen. Now however I see that there are about 300 dead people from several different countries, all diagnosed with Avian Bird Flu. We don't KNOW that this will be a pandemic. Humans usually mutate right out of those deadly flu's after they kill off a few dozen foreigners. I just hope it doesn't mutate into killing off other bird or animal life. I hope it doesn't kill off the crows. I'm awfully fond of crows.

I went to Thai Basil for lunch with my friend Robin yesterday. I actually hate it when reality breaks into my fog like that. Naturally, with my case of the spinsy-whopsies, I didn't want to drive, so she picked me up. Does anybody remember me mentioning that for Christmas this same person gave me a small bag of rotting vegetables as a gift? Well, yesterday she brought me another one. A head of leaf lettuce with about 5 leaves left on it. 5 or so Roma tomatoes with black mold. One slimy purple onion. A loaf of half-grain bread.* And some tofu. Yum!

*half grain bread as opposed to 5 grain bread.

After Lunch, we walked over to the Tree of Life store, which is right behind the restaurant, but it was closed. In fact I think the lady that runs it was sitting next to us having her lunch on theThai Basil patio! Anyway, we went into her little side garden, and was it ever funky! People sure do decorate funny! Every conceivable nook and cranny was crammed full of little animal statuettes! Mostly monkeys. She had monkey's carved out of coconut hulls all over the place; running up the trees, peeking out of the date palm fronds. All along the fencing cross-beams she had lined hundreds of little frogs, monkeys, chickens...and in a tub by the back door, there were half a dozen reclining porcelain pig figurines. It was this totally quirky and amusing little corner of the world, totally unexpected for midtown Sacramento. Robin said, "I think I better get another look at this woman!" when we walked past the restaurant again.

Somebody, PLEASE stop voting for Ace McGreaseball so he can be eliminated as a choice for American Idol. I want my Idols to have a personality other than 'blushing stoner'.

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