Friday, April 07, 2006

Vomit Blog!

I once said this would not be a weight loss blog, nor would it be a poopy diaper blog, but now I must mention that I never said it wouldn't be a VOMIT blog!

Yesterday, when I found out that I was looking at more money than I EARN just to pay for the two meds that I need to keep myself ALIVE on this planet, I remember clenching my jaw. Normally I'm not one of those teeth-grinder people. I hold my stress in my neck and between my shoulder blades where it is easier for it to jump up into my occipital lobe for an easy-access major migraine.

So I just thought it was really odd that my whole left side of my face was aching and sore all day long. But I didn't make the connection that I should batten down the hatches and load up on migraine meds because I was in for a doozy.

Well, anyway, I woke up sometime in the night feeling extremely nauseous and I spent the rest of the night and most of this morning finding creative ways to toss my cookies without letting my head move.

Duties of a Migraine:
puke up guts.
purge bowels.
puke and purge in harmony.
quiver like a blancmange and attempt to get the body comfortable upon the bed
attempt to get the head comfortable without actually MOVING the head because the head is separate from the body at this point and anything that is a comfortable position for the body is screamingly painful for the head.

Sacramento, meanwhile, is in the midst of some levee breaks and we are brewing up a storm! I just heard from a friend in Kentucky who spent the day barracaded in the closet of a model home with sofa pillows all around her while tornadoes touched down all around the area! April showers, indeed!

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