Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Thank You Notes

Very few people realize the importance of a properly written 'Thank You' note these days. Especially since emails make it so quick and easy to keep in contact without all the bother of finding a stamp and a mailbox somewhere out in the real world.

Nevertheless, I always send a hard-copy thank you note anytime I recieve a tangible, material-world gift. I would like to include a template or two here for general knowledge and enjoyment. Thank you!

Miss Pink Ponsonby
225 Garden Haven Place Sacramento, CA 95816

Wednesday, April 26, 2006

My Dear Herb Border:

Just a quick note to acknowledge
the wonderful time I had at your delightful, impromptu Tea Gathering

You bring together a lovely mix of people
and provide
such a warm environment with
incredible food!
I was especially delighted
to be called upon to cletter all the dishes
for your 299 other guests.

Please get a serviceable hot water heater A.S.A.P.

Many Warm Thanks
Miss Pink Ponsonby
Please notice that a proper Thank You note is center-spaced and includes both a 'thank you' and acknowledgements of the event or treats offered. Such a note is sure to get you invited back again!
And yes, Gentle Reader, I actually DID send this note to my host after his party. He has one of those 'hot water saver' hot water heaters that saves the hot water rather than lets you use any of it, ever.

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