Friday, April 28, 2006

Civil War Hair

To Pomade or Not to Pomade? That is the question! I'm going on a little Civil War Reenactment Jaunt tomorrow, the first one in ages that I've felt well enough to attend and is close enough to home not to have exhausted myself with the drive before I even get there, and I am quite excited about it.

I've had to modify my garments quite a bit, and there is always a lot of ironing to do, buttons to be anchored, seams checked for signs of weakness. And of course my beloved corset refitted properly as I've gained and lost weight since last wearing it.

My hair is actually a great length for a really good Civil War hair look, and one of the reasons I don't wear bangs, layers or short flippy doos is because they look so crummy when it comes time to don the garb and head into the past. But I've never really gotten that authentic look. It is quite hard to do! We just don't see ourselves as attractive with hair that is designed to widen our faces and make us look plump! And we definitely do not find it appealing to grease our hair down flat and shiny! Yet, that is the look that was desired and sought after and worked for, back in the day!

This morning I was practicing with different pinning configurations, and I finally hit upon one that does not weigh my head down, look tacky with too many combs and hair pins sticking all over the place, and yet will stay in place for a rigorous day of walking demurely around under a sun hat sipping sasparilla through a paper straw. Now I worry that it will never look this good again!


Homeschoolin' Mama said...

Your hair looks wonderful...I've never been to a re-enactment before. I'll have to check into it sometime! Have a great time.

Anonymous said...

Lovely hairdo! I hope you have a marvelous time today. Do tell us all about the Civil War Reenactment when you return.
Erin from Iowa

Anonymous said...

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