Thursday, April 20, 2006

Tiny little Suri with the Fringe on Top

Oh, PLEASE! If I see one more annoying press release about little baby Suri I'm going to barf all over my surrey. FIRST of all, people, it's Suri HOLMES, not Suri Cruise. Unless of course Cruise is the baby's middle name. In which case when the baby-daddy marries the baby-momma and stops all the drama, then the illegitimate babe will be named Suri Cruise Cruise...AFTER he adopts her. Or do I have my parenting/paternity laws mixed up? I feel sorry for those poor, conservative Catholic parents of Katie Holmes, that is for sure. All this time they thought they raised her better than that.

If only Katie and Tom had popped into a wedding chapel at any point between 12 months ago and now instead of doing all that pregnant shoe shopping and sailing around the Caribbean on yachts. The only thing more nauseating than this stupid hoopla over the birth of a baby between two unwed adults is the fact that NEXT we will be required to make a big fuss over their wedding nuptials. How much does anyone want to bet that the bride will wear white?

Still dizzy after...what? 5 days? So I didn't have a lot of energy to plan a new kitchen table centerpiece. I just knew it was time to take down the Easter Egg Tree.

Oh, and frabjous joy! They Aced Ace on American Idolatry! I was worried for little Kelly Pickler! But she made it to another round. By next week I'll have to stop watching entirely because when it gets this close to the finish, everyone that is left is REALLY good!

Here's Mackie, hogging my chair for his nap. It was the only warm place in the house, the last couple of days.

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Anonymous said...

Maybe baby-daddy has avian bird flu and that is why he is a birdbrain....hehehe!

Go Away, dizziness!!!

Queen Q