Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Moses throws some tantrums

Well, I watched Part Two of the Ten Commandments and it was worse than the first, if that is even possible.

Somehow watching those people struggle out across the desert without a pillar of dust or fire to guide them was just sad. I guess that was a special effect that would be too hard to create so they just left it out.

And the creepy little rings of sawdust? THOSE were the manna from heaven? Of course we don't have a description of the manna, but somehow I didn't ever picture it as being like shallow piles of couscous scattered all over the ground.

Maybe they were over budget? For the entire film?

The Bible does tell us that Joshua, although reluctant at first, after much instruction and learning became a GREAT leader of men; in fact he is the one who led the People into the Promised Land. But in the "New and Improved" Ten Commandments, he arrives at being a great leader by way of a severe beating from Moses and having a knife held to his throat. Way to go Moses!

And although I know that Miriam was a doubter and a scoffer at times, did she really shag that man in the jacuzzi? I looked for reference to that last night in my Bible but couldn't find it. In fact I'm not sure who that big hulking guy is supposed to be. I thought Aaron was Moses brother and right hand man.

But the real deal killer for me was when Moses had his hissy fit and just threw his staff away. Watching it bounce and roll away on the desert was so comical I just had to turn the tv off and go to bed.

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