Sunday, April 02, 2006

Saving Daylight

Well, has anybody saved any daylight yet? I am pretty sure I lost a couple of hours of it, somewhere along the way. I overslept AND I lost an hour in the night. I just wish I knew one person that benefited from all this clock-swapping and I'd send that person a BILL. For my inconvenience and...well, something. I'd think of something.

Since I didn't get up early enough to snag a position at the washing machine, I decided to work on one little table runner I've had in the 'to do' bin of quilt projects for about 7 years. Back when ebay was fun and quilts were something not very many people wanted, I used to buy up cool cutter quilts or unfinished quilt tops for dirt cheap. Most of them got turned into neat things like sewing machine covers, pillows, baby blankets, tea clothes, tea cozies, tablecloths or table runners, etc. I just had this one left, that is really neat but had been in a fire and so it has holes throughout it and although it is a big quilt top, very little of it was useable. I finally figured out that I could make several small table runners and a table cloth out of it if I cut it very carefully. This is the small runner I made today.

Then for fun and not for profit, I finally bought myself a meat masher. I'm sure that's not the official name, but it's one of those meat hammer things. No, that's not what they are called either. Now that I am home all the time I get to watch the New Martha Stewart show, and although I don't like it nearly as much as her old one, I do find that there are plenty of things that interest me in the show. This week they showed how to pound chicken out dead flat with a meat masher so you could then grill it or roll stuff up in it like for making chicken cordon bleu.

So here it is! Meet the Meat Mallet!

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