Tuesday, August 07, 2007

With a Wannion

Hello, Chicken!

Having decided to take it absolutely easy today and not lift a finger and rest and relax and eat bonbons while reclining in a state of dishabile, (sorry, can't spell it, but it's French), I promptly got up and did a load of laundry, dusted every surface in the apartment, cleaned the bathroom, mopped the kitchen floor and then rearranged the spare/storage bedroom, moving my old pie safe out of there and back into the kitchen again so that wall doesn't look so bleak.

Had I decided to heave-ho with a wannion, belike and be damned, I no doubt would not have been able to budge.

But the result of my frenzy was that I now get to see my old pie safe cabinet in it's rightful place in the kitchen again, with my Little Red Costco Stool by it's side! Along with my prized stone Chicken lawn ornament. Ah! Decor! How I have missed you!

With a Wannion!

I love pirates! Arrghh!


PEA said...

I remember when you redid that pie safe...it's so gorgeous!! Glad you got it back to its original place in your kitchen but I have one question...what in the heck is a Wannion???? lol xox

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Ha, ha! LOOK IT UP! (that's what my DAd would say!) Ah, alright, I'll give you a break: It's pirate/Shakespearean for 'with a vengeance'.

Anonymous said...

Ah.....things are looking Right :-)

Queen Q