Tuesday, August 14, 2007


Time for a Trip down Memory Lane! An Ivy-covered Lane, to be exact!
As I was digging through old photos, I happened to notice the reoccurring theme of Ivy Wallpaper in my Mom's house! I thought it would be fun to post all the shots through the ages featuring the wallpaper.

Taken about 1956, this is my brother Paul and the first of many male Siamese cats named "Cougar" I love the rugs on the floor: those are braided wool made by my Grandma. But check out that ivy wallpaper and the utterly non-matching floral curtains. It's obviously Christmas time, because of the Christmas Cards thumb-tacked to the door. Remember when everyone sent Christmas cards, even if they lived right next door? And yes, those are gun cases propped up behind the sofa. Pappy was a gunsmith. There were guns in almost every corner of the house. And no one ever got shot. Although we did stub our toes on them quite often.

Fast forward about 8 years. Same brother, same room, different couch, and All New Wallpaper! Ivy wallpaper, of course. Poor Paul! He had the mumps something awful! I remember that darn sofa, that metal frame was brutal. The cushions were down-filled and held no shape whatsoever, so I was always bonking my head on the frame.

Times change, people grow up and move away, but the Ivy Wallpaper must remain! This picture is from 2006, I believe. In today's modern decor, it seems downright quirky to plaster the walls with artistic renderings of an outdoor plant, but that was the Wallpaper-world!

At least she's graduated to a smaller-scale ivy print!

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