Friday, August 03, 2007


I've got a few minutes while waiting for these enchiladas to cool, so I thought I'd write a quickie blog entry. I made a huge pan of enchiladas for Miss Kitty this morning. That's my client. She pays for the ingredients when we go grocery shopping and then I make her a big pan and put it into smaller, freezer containers and then she eats on these for a few weeks. She loves my enchiladas! I love my enchiladas! Olay! Or is that Ole? Well, no relation to Oil of Olay! Ha, ha! That would be funny! The Mexican marketing for Oil of Olay south of the border could be a hot chick in a sombrero rubbing Oil of Ole` on her skin.

Well, I had a weird night’s sleep last night, for sure! I dreamed I was back in high school and some old man teacher brought my essay into another teacher and pointed out how I had cheated on it. So both those teachers were grilling me and going over page by page all the little doodles in the margins. The one teacher had a book of symbols and runes and he was insisting that those doodles were code and I had cheated. He elaborately deciphered one of my doodles and it meant, “Whitefish”. I was really pissed, saying that what the hell did WHITEFISH have to do with my essay!!??, and I was adamant that I hadn’t cheated.

Then I had the realization that if they flunked me I’d have to take the whole year over again and then I thought, “I’m 50 years old! I am NOT taking a year of high school over again, no matter WHAT the consequences! I don’t care if I don’t graduate from high school at this point.” Well, it was kind of funny because I’ve had those high school flunking dreams my whole entire life, but it always turned out that I went back to school with a sinking feeling like I’d had to interrupt my life in order to finish school. But this time I felt like, “No effing way, dudes! See you later!”

At least this was a step up from those annoying high school dreams where I realized I'm naked.

I don’t know if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. A good thing would be if I didn't dream about flunking high school anymore, frankly!



PEA said...

Oil of Olay to you too! hehe You always put a smile on my face when I read your posts:-) Oh yummmm those enchilladas look so good, I haven't had those in ages. Do you deliver??? lol Don't you just love some of these dreams...NOT! I dream most nights and can usually remember them in the morning...lately it's been just plain silly dreams that make no sense at all! I'd rather dream of my handsome pirate who's taking me away on his ship and.......hehe! xoxo

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

So, you like Pirates, eh? So do I! I used to have a friendly rivalry with one of my friends over which was a better fantasy: Ravaged by Pirates or Rescued by Fireman. I'd take the pirates every time! Yar!