Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Don't Look at Me!

I'm not looking at you!

I realize I could probably get written up and given a citation by the Internet Police for neglecting to post a blog for almost the entire month of July. Well, here I am on Aug. 1st, ready to make amends. My only excuse is sloth and illness. Is that one excuse or two?

I've got one eye on the TV right now, watching the coverage about the Minneapolis Bridge Collapse. I'm sure I've driven across that bridge a time or two on my cross-country treks. I think of all the times I've sat on a bridge or crossed it and thought about it collapsing. I think about the Bay Bridge collapsing all the time! I just pray that I'm not on the under layer when it happens. Being squished like a pancake is not my idea of a good death option.

What with laying around all the time because of an upsurge/recurrence of my fibromyalgia, I've had the benefit of the almost constant companionship of Mackie. He's just stuck to me like glue. If I move to the sofa, he moves there with me. If I move to my desk, he comes on over and plants himself at my feet. I always tell him, 'You could have stayed where you were, I'm going right back over there." but he just looks at me with scorn. As if to say, "Lady, I take my companionship duties seriously. I intend to be within a 2 foot radius of you at ALL TIMES until you get it that my food dish needs to be filled with that wet stuff. The dry stuff isn't cutting it."

So just for fun I point the camera at him and play the "Don't Look at Me!" game. I say 'Don't look at me! Mackie! Don't Look at me!" for as many times and in as many inflections as I can stand, and eventually, just to humor me, he will stop ignoring me and give me a peek.

I'm not looking at you.
This is how I amuse myself in the long, summer months.

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PEA said...

Well there you are! I was getting ready to send a tall dark handsome Canadian Mountie to go search for you...oh, I guess you still want me to send one? hehe Mackie certainly is keeping an eye on you...he's too cute with his attitude! lol How is your eye these days??? It is indeed quite a tragedy with that you, I always feel wary when I cross a bridge. xoxo