Monday, August 06, 2007


Meet Spawn!

Spawn belongs to my less than savory neighbors: the ones with tidyness issues. (Or maybe it's me with the tidyness issues? You know, because I put my garbage IN the dumpster instead of BESIDE it. And because I choose not to leave rotting burger meat laying on a hibachi grill on my front steps for weeks and weeks at a time. I'm so fussy.)

Like most cats, Spawn is utterly delightful and not that much of a reflection on his owners. I wonder why that is? Dogs are always exactly like their owners. Cats are always exactly like themselves.

Spawn has been 'let out' a lot more lately. When I met the owners on the sidewalk yesterday they told me it was to encourage him to go outdoors instead of using the litter box. Since they only empty their litter box once every 3 weeks, I don't see the big deal. The reason I know how often they clean it is because they put the used litter into a plastic grocery bag and tie a knot in it and pile it next to the hibachi on the front steps. Every few weeks they add another bag of soiled litter to the ones already there. This is really unpleasant during the rainy season. Eventually what happens is that someone (who? Me? Naw!) calls the Landlord and complains and then Spawn's Parents clean up their mess and keep it tidy for a week or two.

Spawn, although in bad need of a good thorough brushing because he is still shedding his winter coat (It's AUGUST, people.) is the most biddable of cats! He has a cute little squeaky 'mew' like a kitten and he likes to flop down and show his belly in order to encourage petting and scratching. He's really a sweetheart.

Mackie hates him.
Spawn has taken to coming upstairs when they let him out, and 'mewing' once out of politeness to let me know he's on the stoop, and then settling down on the doormat and hanging out companionably for as long as he feels like indulging me.

I really hope they don't start leaving him out all day long while they go to work. I think that's a shame, he's always been an indoor cat: you can tell by the serious case of pudge he's got going. He must weight 15 lbs.

He's a little hyper. He won't sit still for more than 2 seconds together.

See ya later, Spawn!

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