Monday, September 24, 2007

One Dollah! One Dollah!

There is something about those Dollar Stores that are impossible to pass up! Have you noticed this? I think it stems from old, old carnival memories where you would spend quarter after quarter on the Pick Up the Ducks game just so you could get yourself one of those Chinese Handcuffs that probably only cost a penny to begin with.

There may be many more reasons, and there must be, because those Dollar Tree, 98 Cent Store, Dollar Generals, etc; are cropping up everywhere. There is a new one in my neighborhood, and I have to pass by it on my way to almost anywhere. Pass it by is just a figure of speech, you understand. There is rarely a 'pass by' with these stores. There is just too much in there of vital interest.

My belief is, there is a REASON that each and every item is in the 98 cent store rather than gracing the shelves of the more upscale, pricey retail venues. And it’s usually because it’s lead based candy, tainted tin dishware or WARNING: Heavy Cobalt china. Or some other malfunction, like the incredible upscale RED pizza cutter I got for a mere 98 cents, only to discover that the handle is kind of hollow and it traps water so when you pick it up, a rain of old stale water drizzles out of it onto the floor, or the tops of my feet or all over the pizza.

But that’s how they get you! Only a buck! And before you know it, you've got a cartload of items you just cannot live without. Go ahead, try and put some of them back some time. You just can’t! Well, I was able to forgo the new frying pan because upon inspecting the non-stick surface, I could see that it was just black paint and not Teflon like I thought. Who creates a faux non-stick surface frying pan? It boggles the mind!

I put the pan back but then I spotted the 8 sided nail buffer file in multi-colors and I was just smitten so I didn't end up saving a dollar after all.


PEA said...

This is too funny...I've just come back from the dollar store! LOL We have one just up the road here...much too close! There's no such thing as going in there to just buy one thing...every time I come out of there I've spent $15 or more! I love their craft supplies in there, that's the aisle I mostly haunt! hehe xox

Keriann said...

Oh gosh-my husband is OBSESSED with the Dollar Store. He has to stop every time we go out to run errands and pick up some little something that I will end up throwing away within the week when he's not looking :)