Thursday, September 06, 2007

Flying Bridge

me, in a rare nautical moment. I used to know how to tie that special knot, too, for docking!

I was up at the crack of Dawn this morning with my camera in tow, down at Old Sac to take pictures of Patrick's boat for sale on Craigslist. I had told him I'd do this for him just to give him more selling options than a sign in the window and an ad in the Bee.

It's a 1977 Trawler and quite lovely, or at least it once was. It needs a lot of wood polish and polyurethane. But for those who hear the call of the wild blue sea, this would make a lovely dream come true.

That little head you see peeping out there is "Trawler" the yellow lab.

Patrick knew I was coming, he was ready and waiting to give me the boat tour. So why, oh why didn't he clean up the kitchen? He's such a guy.

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