Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Dora! The Explorah!

snoozing at 10 years old

I should have just figured that it was too unlikely that the guy who gave me the GREAT haircut last time over at the Great Clips would still be there today, 4 months later, when I went in for a cut. He had given me a very stylish layered symmetrical Aline that I got more compliments on than any other haircut in the last decade. But time slips away from me and I waited too long. That is always happening to me. I will drop into a shop that has been there for decades and I could swear I was just there a couple of weeks ago when Blam! Poof! It's dissapeared. When I ask about where it went I will be told it's been gone for 6 months or more.

Today, I drove out to the Dollar Tree only to discover it had moved on down, moved on down the road. When I asked the salesgirl how long ago they had moved to their new location--fully expecting her to tell me that it was just LAST WEEK, by golly!--she told me it was 3 months ago at least.

The same thing at the hair salon! I was astonished to learn it had been 16 weeks since my last New Doo! And even though the really great stylist was long gone, the same, bad attention-deficit girl that has always been there was still hanging around dispensing bad haircuts. Just my luck!

Now when it comes to haircuts I'm just not that picky. I can rarely afford a really GOOD cut and when I can, I can NEVER afford to pay that price twice for the same good cut! So I take my chances and roll the dice to see what I'll get at Great Clips. All I ask is that they do not make me look like a dyke for one, and a bowl-cut Amish for the other. I just don't see how those two simple guidelines could be that hard to adhere to, but apparently they are.

I went in there badly in need of a freshening-up of my layered Aline and left looking exactly like Dora! The Explorah! Only more dykeish.

It's almost hat season anyway. And there's always a bandana. Or a burkha.

While digging through my photos for something else entirely, I came across this picture of little Mackie. I had gotten him just a week or two before this pic was taken. It was my birthday party so he was wearing a bowtie. The first and only time he ever consented to that kind of nonsense.

some things never change!

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Janet said...

Dora is cute!! But I fully understand about getting a bad hair cut....it can ruin my day. I've been lucky to find someone who does mine just the way I like it and gives me a senior discount!! You can't beat that!

Your kitty is cute, too. Love the bow tie!