Tuesday, September 18, 2007

I Love My Self

In a recent conversation with Cousin Owbow (yes, that's her name! Rhymes with Bow-Wow), I started thinking about the idea of boredom. Cousin Owbow does not like to be alone. She gets bored. And she can get downright freaked out if she has to be alone with nothing to do or nothing planned for the immediate future to keep her mind occupied. She is not naturally an introspective person (would you be with a name like that?) and I have always noticed that sitting still and thinking causes her to make a panicked dive for the Xanax bottle, as if her head might explode if she doesn't sedate her self quickly!

I, on the other hand am only bored in company , and I'm never miserable to be alone. I do not get lonely from being alone! I think this is because with others, there is always the fine tension wire of interaction to worry about. There is a need for finding accord with them, or at the very least, a mutual understanding of differences. It can get tedious. It can get boring.

When alone by myself, I am in perfect harmony with my own thoughts! It's delightful! It's restful! Think about it. Who else can you find who is in such total agreement with everything you think and feel?

Just driving down the road the other day, sputtering mentally about something, I realized I was getting a total kick out of telling myself I was justified to be that indignant! I agree with me! I like my own thoughts! I'm infatuated with my sense of humor! No matter how long, winding, meandering and tangential my discourses, I hang up on my every word and never tire of listening!

It's like those phone conversations where you can't wait to hang up and get back to what you were doing. I NEVER hang up on myself! If I want a snack, I want one too! If I really feel like laying on the sofa, I agree that laying down for a bit is the perfect choice for me at that moment.

Even on the days when I am not witty, charming, delightful and precious, I am a great companion. I can be a comatose zombie and that's all right by me.

So what is there to be bored about? I can get a little twitchy when I hear others tell me the SAME story for the 20th time about how they flew to Hawaii that time instead of Mexico because they got on the wrong darn airplane, but I still enjoy running through the mental slide show of my Mexican journeys, even after thousands and thousands of repeats.

So all I'm saying is, think about it the next time you are bored and lonely. You've got a built-in best friend in total accord with your every thought, whim, feeling, need and emotion! Start enjoying yourself!

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Anonymous said...

I love your self, too!!!


Queen Q