Wednesday, September 05, 2007

DNA Don't Lie

I grew up looking hotter than a firecracker so I always assumed I would end up looking like Emmylou Harris when I became old:

Why not? I mean, I had the bone structure. I was thin and I had the hair.

But instead, I wound up looking like My Great Grandmother on the maternal side.

Just like the Rhythm, sooner or later your DNA is gonna get ya.


Joy said...

OH man! This made me laugh out loud. You are so funny! You crack me up! How do you think of these things? My redneck upbringing doesn't allow my brain to think this hard. And you grew up in the same area as me so you got around it somehow...
Love ya! :)

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

I have no idea how I think up this stuff. Believe me, I have to rack my brains sometimes. But this one was a no-brainer! That is Great Grandma Cook, Grampa Buck Cook's mom. I mean, look at the two of us!! It's just self-explanatory and sooo funny!

Anonymous said...

You be silly!!!!

You are just tooo cute :-)

Queen Q

Lee-ann said...

Miss Pink I am so pleased you visited today, your DNA! sure looks the same as great grandma's lol lol :) very funny......but O! so true I hve the same here my mum and I look very much the same, my husbnd some times calls me nathalie just to get me going.

Yes we have lettuce and it is spelt Brisbane :) What we do not do is have our salad first before the main meal we eat it all on the same plate lol lol! we do have coz lettuce and all the mothers....what a dream you had, if you sneeked in a lettuce you would probably end up in jail lol lol lol I don't think they would serve lettuce there.

Love your blog as Always.

PEA said...

Omigosh, I loved this!! Honestly, I'm not laughing AT you but WITH you! hehe It really is uncanny how much you look like your great grandma though! lol As for the younger picture of you, what a beauty...I look at young pictures of me at times and always wonder where she went! Age and weight seem to change things! lol You know what though? You are beautiful inside and out...honest:-) xox