Monday, May 21, 2007

None the Worse for Wear

Yesterday, Mackie started sneezing repeatedly and rapidly for a LONG time. I thought it was a wake-up sneeze or something tickling his nose, rather than a cold or feline eneritis or something serious.

But the sneezing kept on going and going and I thought I'd better check him over just to see if something was irritating him like a feather or a piece of fluff. When I said his name and he looked at me, I could see what looked like a PINE NEEDLE sticking out of one of his nostrils! Ewww!

So I pulled on it to get it out of his nose and it was a 3 INCH BLADE OF GRASS!!!!!!! I couldn't believe my eyes! It must have been all the way to his BRAIN, practically! I've never seen anything like it, and how he got an entire blade of grass shoved up his nasal passage is beyond me.

Of course he stopped sneezing, so problem solved, and he went back to being a very happy cat.


PEA said...

Oh wow, it really does make you wonder how he managed to get that blade of grass up there! I guess we'd be sneezing too if we had that up our nose! lol Glad that he seems ok now:-) xox

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

It's just one of those mysteries, since he hadn't been outside that morning. Maybe he regurgitated it and it went up the wrong pipe? Ewww!

It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

WOW!! Makes my nose hurt just thinking about it!! I bet he was glad that was out!! Bless his heart..No hands or fingers to pull it out..He was relying on you all the way..Sandy

Lee-ann said...

O! MY! GOSH! How did it get there. What mystery! life must be for a cat.............he is a cutie!

I am pleased he is back doing what comes natural for a "sleeping" ((smiles))

Have a lovely day!

judie said...

Oh that's very funny! The old "grass up the nose trick!" LOL poor kitty. Mommy to the rescue thank goodness. Last night my doggie sneaked into the trash and grabbed and swallowed a chicken bone before I could get it. Now, of course I am worried about her. She isn't eating. Have you seen that pic that is going around the internet about the dog that tangled with a porkypine? Eeeeek! Talk about a tickle in your nose!