Friday, May 25, 2007

Nappy Headed Ho's! Oh My!

In honor of not losing anymore days, I want to start blabbing, I mean blogging more of the minute details of my day. This morning I got up around 4:30. I'd been awake much longer than that but finally decided I wasn't going to go back to sleep so I packed it in and got up. I had a list of things to do but at 4:30 in the morning, there was a while to wait before the bank opened!

So I channel surfed! And at that time of morning, there were actually more interesting things to watch than on a Saturday Afternoon!

I watched a documentary on Isaak Dineson/Karen Blixen. It was awesome! She lived on oysters and champagne exclusively because of a stomach surgery. Of course she practically starved to death but what a fun way to go! If she'd just added caviar and blini's she'd have had a well-balanced diet!

She's one of my favorite authors. She wrote, of course, Out of Africa, about her life lived as a coffee plantation owner, Karen Coffees, Ltd. I love that name! She was Danish, and she had such a lovely lyrical style to her writing. It was she who said, "I felt as if it was a certainty. As if I'd been promised it." The very definition of Faith! I loved that!

After that show was over, I watched Buffy and Angel on early morning tv, took my shower and then took out the garbage! It was then that I snapped the pictures for the "Garbage Nazi" post. Finally, it was 9:00 am and I was off to the bank. From there I scooted over to the clinic to drop off the cholesterol prescription. My pills won't be ready until Tuesday. Will I remember to pick them up? Will I remember to write myself a note to do so? Will I remember I wrote about the pills being ready in this blog post? Darn!

I for certain sure forgot to take a picture of the mosaic teapot on the floor of the clinic! I WILL remember it, I WILL! Then I swung by Trader Joes to eat 3 pieces of cooked spicy sausage and a Dixie Cup of their Carrot Juice blend which tasted like water through which a carrot was briefly passed, get a carton of eggs and a container of scottie dogs which I MEANT to eat slowly over the week but which I devoured in ten minutes flat and got a belly ache. So much for the anti-depressants curing my cravings and my appetite...

When I got home I had to stand for a long minute holding the carton of eggs before I could 'click' on what they were for and where I was supposed to put them. Oh, yes, these go in the fridge.
As I was stuffing the plastic bag into the bag sock, the phone rang and it was Jeff and he came over for an omelet! I think he is starving. He's a school teacher and gets paid only once a month and it's not June yet! He brought over a cool sci-fi animation movie, which is a delight we share. This was the old Heavy Metal movie that I had never seen. It's cool, although too many silly gaps in the story for me. I still love Princess Mononoke the best.

As I was preparing the omelet, Jeff had the regular tv on until I could get there to watch the movie together and he must have been watching COPS or one of those live arrest shows, because I was half listening to scuffling and chasing and a very heavily ghetto-accented female voice cussing out a police officer. Suddenly I heard Jeff say, "These really ARE nappy-headed ho's! The Real Thing!" Sure enough, I peeked around the corner at the tv and saw two very badly coiffed African-American street prostitutes under arrest. He can crack me up like nobody else sometimes.

One time he was saying it was time for him to go home and he just didn't have the energy to go. We were standing by the front door when he pointed his face to the sky and sort of stiffened like he was straining upwards. "What kind of face is that?" I asked him and he replied:

"Rocket Lift!"

And then he looked a little sadly at his feet, "Except my power foot packs didn't ignite."

And then I watched Rachel Ray. (You know I hate her, right?) and once again she irritated me by calling everyone in the general audience 'guys' and the chopped chicken 'guys' and the scallions 'guys' and the red peppers 'guys' and all I could think was, if she can't differentiate between a live human being and a boneless chicken breast, why would I ever be alone in a kitchen with her and a butcher knife?

I realize I've been scant on fun food, teapot and decor pictures lately. All I can tell you is it's still all packed away! Someday I'll either move or I'll just dig it all out again and start living with my possessions! I do miss the tea things!


PEA said...

Nappy Headed Hos??? LOL Love it! I'm glad you have such a friend as Jeff to make you laugh:-) Don't you hate that when you wake up so early and can't fall back asleep...seems like such a longgggg day after! I can imagine how scary your memory lapses that a side effect of fibromyalgia or nothing to do with it? You take good care of yourself!! xox

Miss Pink Ponsonby said...

Hey, Miss Pea! So far I'm still waiting for an EEG to determine if the memory loss/dizzy spells are part of fibromyalgia or a seperate seizure thingee. Those things are a part of Fibro but I want to make sure I'm not having seizures and they get ignored or undiagnosed. But from what I've heard, the memory loss or 'brain fog' is VERY much a component of fibromyalgia.