Sunday, May 27, 2007

Jesus Would Share His Cherries and Forgive the Garbage

“Cause to-morrow’s Sunday, and it would not do to be sellin’
human heads about the street when folks is goin’ to churches.”
~~Moby Dick

Good Morning! I just returned from the farmer’s market where I didn’t see anyone selling human heads, but I did manage to pick up some strawberries and a few tomatoes. The Marine Layer was upon us, and the Delta Breeze was blowing so cold it actually had the feeling of snow in the air. Like an arctic breeze or maybe just San Francisco. I had meant to spend a leisurely morning puttering around the market stalls, but it was so frigid that I had to beat it out of there.

All the farmer's have potted plants for sale right now: herbs and tomatoes and peppers. I'm longing to have a patio garden, but of course I have no patio.

I can't quite remember why I took it into my head to read Moby Dick, but yesterday I went to the library and got a copy. I also went to Trader Joe's and while I was waiting for it to open I snapped some pictures of flowers. I think I am too wobbly and trembly to get clear close-up shots.

I had stopped at Safeway first, and picked up a bag of cherries! Oh, I could pour myself face first into a vat of them and come out still wanting more! So after I'd taken lots of blurry flower pictures I sat in my car and chomped on cherries. A lady walked by and smiled at me and I had a moment's desire to offer her a cherry but then I clutched the bag closer to myself and had an imaginary conversation with her, saying, "Back OFF, Lady. I don't even KNOW you! Why would I share my precious cherries with a Total Stranger?"

And then because I can't help myself, I thought, "I'm so glad JESUS doesn't have that attitude!"

This morning, because it's just so summery and the sun is so hot once it rises, I made some sun tea for the window. It was still quite early, then, and as I was setting the mason jar in the window, I saw the guy from Apt. #2 skulking out to the dumpster with his garbage. As I was on my way there myself, I waited and then took the opportunity to see where he had set his bags of trash. Sure enough, he placed it BESIDE the dumpster instead of inside of it. So I've caught the culprit, and you can believe I lost no time in calling the landlord. I don't want the wrong guy punished and up to now we've been thinking it's #5 with the trashy habits.

#2 is not on the lease, and he regularly gets into screaming matches with his girlfriend for surfing porn on her computer while she is at work. He's a lowlife and I wouldn't share my cherries with HIM, either.

And now it is time to fill a glass with ice and enjoy a refreshing glass of freshly brewed sun tea! The marine layer Delta Breeze has blown itself out and I'm going to sit in the window with Moby Dick and enjoy the sun!

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PEA said...

With the price of cherries, it's better to keep them all for yourself anyway! lol Glad you were able to find out who's been leaving his garbage beside the dumpster!! It was so cold and dreary here yesterday and today is not any better...hopefully it starts to warm up again soon! xox