Friday, May 11, 2007

Dutch Oven, will you marry me?

Last year I saw these dutch ovens at Walmart for a mere 6 bucks each. I soooo could not pass up having a dutch oven in this deep turquoise blue color enamelware. You folks can keep your black speckled granite ware, I just can't bear going around in black! (that's a line from Gone With the Wind, in case anybody didn't catch that.)

This morning I made baked rice and veggie casserole:


Oh, Dutch Oven! You nurture me, entertain me, you are visually pleasing to the eye. You are filled with substance, and even on your empty, shallow days, you can perk me up with a twinkle of your blue enamel eye as I pass you by. You are tidy, self-contained and don't clutter up my kitchen with your unnecessary possessions.

Will you marry me? I think we are a match made in heaven and nowhere else on earth have I found anyone so delightfully compatible as you! I would be so proud to call myself Mrs. Dutch Ponsonby-Oven. Let's just not tell the Cuisinart, okay?

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It's a FLIP-FLOP World said...

Hello and what a great blog!! I have read all the way down (several entries now) and have had a great time I might say!! Thanks for stopping by!! You said that you used to work for the RR!! I am the one where my family was hit by a car on their way to school one morning. My hubby had our 3 children in the car and was taking them to school when he accidently got the tires of the car stuck in ice. I have it all blogged on my site under Monday Memories on my site.(I know I should have looked it up for you)..Lazy!! OOOPS. They were hit and miraculously not killed by a mere 14". I would have lost my whole family that Wednesday morning!! My youngest was just in kindergarten at that time. I am so fortunate to have them all to this day!!
Thanks again for stopping and come back again. i so enjoyed your blog.