Thursday, August 24, 2006

You can't get good help these days!

Well, as you can see I had to change the background pink color to it's original white. I just got tired of looking at the pink, and pictures and text show up SO much better on the white.

You know how I have a hard time getting a decent cleaning lady. It fills up most of the time that an ordinary person would spend cleaning!

I also should confess that along with not doing my own housework if I can help it, I have a full time personal assistant! I've had him for ten years and he helps me in everything I need to do. He even helps me when I don't need the help.

One thing he thinks he is good at is being Assistant to the Seamstress. Here are some shots from yesterday depicting JUST how much help he likes to give:

Stretching the full length of the cutting board to assist in measuring.
Sniffing the cloth for quality and keeping a ready paw upon it so it doesn't go anywhere.
Hindering whenever necessary to insure that I measure properly before cutting.
Napping in the middle of the project to remind me to take ergonomic breaks.


PEA said...

LOL that is too cute!! He seemed to be doing exactly what you were saying! hehe I have to get myself an assistant like that:-) Great post, thank you for making me smile!!! Take care!

Puss-in-Boots said...

What a beautiful puss your Mackie is. My boy is home from hospital and just enjoying being home.

Hope you eventually got your sewing done!

Wendy WaterBirde said...

This was just adorable! I too have been blessed by cat assitants. They love to help on the computer too, very thoughtfully rubbing their fur against it so the fans clog and remind one that there is more to life than the shiny little box. Simply a kind and wise favor you understand, lol.

But i sure couldnt ever imagine life without them : )

Anonymous said...

Your pretty Mackie looks very much like he is part snow bengal.