Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Cutting up Books!

Don't Panic! I am not promoting the slaughter of innocent books! Not all books are made for reading, though, and one of my little fondnesses is for hoarding discontinued Wallpaper Books so I can cut them up and make things with the wonderful, thick, richly textured paper!

I make envelopes, cards, stationary, and wrapping paper out of these papers. I then use the book itself as an excellent, large, lap desk for making these crafts! How fun is THAT?

My all time favorite is my Mary Engelbreit wallpaper book, which over time is so covered in paint and scratch marks that it is no longer recognizable as an original M.E. But I've kept the insides intact because I just love looking at them!

I recently got a call (I have inside contacts! I have people!) from Home Depot telling me they had more books for discarding and I was there so fast I burned rubber!

Here are some of my newest acquisitions!


PEA said...

My mom used to get used wallpaper books from stores too and made all kinds of crafts with them...she used to have her own little country craft shop:-) They do have such beautiful wallpaper! I love Mary always on the lookout for her stationery, stickers, etc:-)

Anonymous said...

What a neat idea! I know the things you made and sent me were lovely. I am going to be babysitting my grandson for a while during the day. I thought to myself today that I should think of some crafts to do with him. He is a dearheart. I will email you a pic of him. :)
Erin from Iowa