Friday, August 25, 2006


I ran across this picture of me with a doll I made a long time ago. I always have grand ideas to make the doll 'authentic' and do really wonderful clothing and accessories. In my mind I am Tasha Tudor, you know! In reality I am one lazy seamstress. But this doll turned out neat and I gave her to my cousin.
The doll had a real, life cameo pin from a set of earrings that had lost it's mate!
Yesterday while talking to my Mom on the phone, my phone battery went DAID! Daid as a Doornail! And I realized that particular cordless phone is about 5 years old and has it's original battery. So I thought I should just check out all the other battery type things like flashlights, lanterns and phones that might need some replacements. The main thing I discovered was my camping lantern was completely gone.
The next thing I discovered is that the battery for that costs $11.99 that's US dollars and too darn much! The rest of the stuff needing batteries will have to wait until after payday! As will my high-falutin' plans to buy enough fabric to make aprons for my entire family for Christmas. Sigh.


miss*R said...

hi miss*P - thanks for visiting my blog xo - now to the dolls. I wish I knew about how to get that hard, hard finish. I am going to be experimenting and will surely let you know if I discover anything. we need to get ourselves organised into some kind of art doll swap.
oh, and who is tasha tudor? forgive me but down here in the wilds we dont here about alot of artisans.

Puss-in-Boots said...

Don'tcha just hate that, when things go dead, just like that? I think there is someone waiting to kill things just as I go to use them. Of course, I'm not at fault for letting batteries get flat, light globes suddenly blow, etc and not having replacements! What an idea...

Ah well, I hope next payday comes quickly for you so you can replace all your necessaries.

Take care

PEA said...

Lovely to see a picture of I can put a face to the name:-) Love the doll too! What I find funny around here, it seems when one battery dies in something, the rest all seem to follow! Hope you've had a lovely Sunday:-) xoxo