Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Caramel Kids

It is so brisk and chilly this morning I feel that Autumn is in the Air. Of course that's just my dementia talking. It's only the first week of August, and in this neck of the California Woods, it can be in the high 90's all through September. So we have a ways to go yet...

However, this morning I was thinking of Gramma's homemade caramels. Buttery-melty slippery delicious homemade candy. For years, the girl-cousins and myself have fiddled and faddled and fooled with her old recipe to try and make them for ourselves. Once in a while it works! Once in a while they turn out just fantastic.

When Gramma died, the older daughters decided it would be a good thing to have family cooking days, in which the art of noodle making, fudge-making, candy making and Christmas cookie making was shared and taught amongst the younger generation. Thus was born, "Noodle-O-Rama" "Fudge-O-Rama" and "Candy-O-Rama" days. Held in the old farmhouse still owned by the family because nobody can bare to part with the canning kitchen in the basement, these are wonderful day-long events of laughter, reminiscing and EATING.

Caramel Kids with a Successful Batch!

High Gloss Fudge!


PEA said...

What a wonderful idea and certainly a way for the future generations to keep on the tradition!! I love caramels and can just imagine how tasty those that you make are...and the chocolate fudge..yummmmmm!!!

weirdbunny said...

What a lovely fasmily you have, held together with love for your Grandma.

Lee-ann said...

Now that is just about the real things in life "family" and I felt so good when I read your post here. The family cooking together is something close to my own heart.

I truly enjoyed this blog post very much and the fundge does have a wonderful shine to it well done!

:O) Lee-ann